The Marietta House 

Assisted Living.

About The Marietta House:


The Marietta House is one of Anchorages premier assisted living homes, founded by Bonnie & Alex Lommel and named after Bonnie's grandmother Marietta Honie.

The Marietta House is a small 5 resident assisted living home with the focus and attention on your loved ones that only a smaller home can provide. As full-time resident managers and owners Bonnie and Alex bring over 20 years of experience in caregiving, meal preperation, and loving companionship.


At The Marietta House we have only up to 5 residents allowing us to provide the individualized care and attention that your loved ones deserve. We're dedicated to fostering a healthy and engaging environment providing premier healthcare services and enriching activities. It’s this type of loving approach to senior living that makes The Marietta House feel like home.